The Blissfull Aftermath, or the Vaylen takes over


I have a nagging query about the aftermath of a Vaylen hull:
When a Human host is taken over, can it be detected via personality changes (like the host now not recognising whom the host’s friends/family are (amnesia); mood swings; changes in habits (the host’s now a lefty, or doesn’t like soup), or is the transition completely smooth & thus undetectable, (but for the scar)?


Nothing is lost in the translation. The Vaylen absorbs the new personality. But new habits or mannerisms brought by the worm might be obvious to people who know the victim well.

Yes. And it is probably more likely that the new host will exhibit a strange quirk or two if the Vaylen has had a sentient body before and brings some traits from that body to the new one.

Also, all Vaylen like soup. It’s comforting to them, in a sort of ontogeny recapitulating phylogeny way.

Whereas as all gnomes are Vaylen and should be treated thusly.