The future of TB?


We have had the playtest 6-10 for a little while now. I was wondering will there be a sepearate 6-10 book, or will a the 2nd edition of TB just be from levels 1-10? If this was a voting thing, I would be voting a single 1-10 book with errata etc for the base parts of the game (e.g. Eldritch Darts level change etc).

Really keen on the game and interested to know where it is headed. For the record I would support another Kickstarter without a moments thought.


Here, here.

Likewise - hoping for an ‘advanced’ version! More traits, extra levels, maybe a new class or two…

We’re working on stuff!

Thor in particular has a lovely thing in the works. But there are no release dates (and nothing else will be released this year).


Great to hear.

Already have years of content as is so no rush … just being greedy.

This is great news! Can’t wait.

A masterful evasion roll there Sir! I think you earned an advance…