the GM's turn: basic format question


From what I’ve been reading, the basic format for the GM’s Turn is to use the 2 Obstacles (from the magic 4: Wilderness, Weather, Mice, Animals) & introduce a twist - only if they Patrol fails (from the same formula twice or an unused one), then it’s over… The Mission should at that point be finished.

Am I right? I hope I am…

May, not must, be finished. If the mission is something that feels like it needs longer, use a third “planned” encounter.

In any case, it’s wise not to go past 5 obstacles in a GM Turn; that puts no more than 2 or 3 conditions on the party.

Remember, each obstacle can result in several outcomes; the three basic ones are:
(1) Acquire a condition
(2) via a twist, acquire an extra obstacle to be overcome before returning to mission
(3) via a conflict, become unable to proceed

Advanced approach: Extending the mission format…
Option 1: put the end in sight but make them complete during the player turn.
Option 2: let a mission extend over 2 GM turns, with a player turn at a safe point in between.
Option 3: use 2-4 obstacles planned, and 0-2 twists, to make a long single turn.*

all three advanced modes require your players be ‘check system proficient’ and willing to earn and spend checks.

  • note that, when doing a long GM-turn, it works best if one or two are “undershoots” on the difficulties; give the players a chance to earn some extra checks by invoking traits to up the difficulty to something more reasonable.

In any case, conflicts should be only one per GM turn unless the players are asking for more.

A big THANK YOU for clarifying this. I always thought that once 4 obstacles from wilderness, weather, animals & mice were presented, the GM’s turn was officially over, no matter what!