The Limits of Circles and Affiliations

  1. If I circle up a Recon guy from my Anvil affiliation (say it’s a 2D affiliation giving my guys Exp. 4 skills), does he have Exponent 4 in everything? Or just in Recon?

  2. Similarly, I know I can bypass a circles test and use my Anvil Lord Trait to call up a unit commander with Command 4… does he also have Tactics 4 and Anvil-Wise 4?

  3. On p.261 it says “Test Circles if a specialist is required, do not use the skill exponent modifier. He comes with his specialist skill at the exponent of the Lord’s forces.” Is that for specialists with skills not listed on the first 8 lifepaths in the Hammer setting?



1&2) Whatever skills are appropriate to their role. So basically everything on the LP you aimed for.

  1. Yes

Generally, it’s easiest to pick the LP you’re circling for.

Awesome, thanks Stormsweeper (sorry, your real name isn’t in my time-ravaged archives).


It’s Anthony, but everyone calls me stormy in real life, too!