The Monk

A couple of questions about the Monk class from the Wanderers expansion:

  1. At 1st level, it says that they cannot carry weapons and armor. But they don’t get the Martial Artist benefit until 2nd level. So, for their entire 1st level, the monk suffers a -1D to all combat for fighting unarmed? I know 1st level doesn’t always last very long, but that seems kind of steep. Also, at 5th level, the Master ability states “When unarmed or when weilding a staff,”. If a monk cannot carry a weapon, how can he weild a staff?

  2. What is the benefit of changing a nature descriptor then taking one of the vows? Most of the vows are pretty restricting, especially if the only change you can make so far is to Fasting. Short of using your Nature for…something…while Hungry and Thirsty, I see no benefit at all.

Just curious.

  1. Staffs are improvised weapons — anyone can wield 'em. No bonus, no penalty.

  2. Patience, young grasshopper.

Damn you and your patience, Mr. Sorensen. First the Assassin, now the Monk. What next? Are you going to come out with a Samurai class that can’t do something till later levels?

Just kidding. Thanks for the quick responce. Much appreciated.

One thing I am quick to point out to Monk skeptics:

The “Ascetic” trait is easily the best trait in the entire game of Torchbearer. Given the nature of your average Torchbearer adventure, there is virtually unlimited opportunity to collect checks, and to get bonus dice to the things that really matter. If you could get this bad boy up to level 2, you would be the envy of the entire party.

Life is suffering. That’s why the Monk is smiling.