The Mouse Guard Treatment

So, this likely has already been questioned, but I couldn’t find it when I ran my last search. My apologies if I’m revisting this for an umpteenth time…

So I was in my FLGS yesterday and I saw Mouse Guard. “This… This is cool” I thought to myself. It was even $75 cool. I won’t deny that I have this compulsion to collect when it comes to games. Also, this Is a company that I like. I even like the ppl on the forums. Sometimes forums can be bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t buy it, though. There’s just no way I’m playing a game about mice. This is in no way a slight to ppl who are. I read Mossflower and Redwall as a kid. Loved the genre, but it’s not what toots my horn these days.

It got me to thinking though. Burning Wheel almost requires game aides to run. It’s one of the very few games I would love to see in a boxed set. Laminated Fight!, & DoW cards are the only way to go (box or not). Is there any chance of this?

Luke said once that Fight! doesn’t work that well with cards

That is surprising to me, I am having trouble seeing the difference from using the scripting sheets and laying out cards. Obviously each person would need at least 3 of every option in fight and DoW and there are more options in BW than in MG.

That’s the issue, right there: with over 30 different actions, each person needs to juggle close to a 100 cards. For the poor GM, who is running multiple combatants, I am having trouble just picturing where he would put all those cards.

Trust me, I too thought the card treatment would be ideal. In the end I realized the most appealing reason to use cards was to have the details of the various actions outlined in front of you. To solve this a different way, I decided to make a ‘cheat sheet’ for all the actions one can take in Fight, and print it on the back of each scripting sheet. You can find it in the thread here.

Laminated scripting sheets work damned well.

My thinking wasn’t so much to use the exact same format as Mouse Guard, but that a boxed set format of BWG w/laminated sheets for Fight!, DoW, & R&C would be good. Ooh, & special dice too. :slight_smile:

You can make your own laminated sheets, I made mine and are awesome.

Yes, yes I know…

A box set would still be awesome…


You say that a wooden “Collector’s Edition” box with the 5 BW books, about 12 black dices, 12 gray and 12 white, plus laminated sheets and autographed photos of all BWHQ staff would be great?

Naahhh … dream on.:wink:

Maybe SSS13.

If you all want to pay $200 for my game, I am happy to provide. Shall we step over to kickstarter?

I’d pay the $500 for the special limited edition bound with Luke’s own hide, and dice carved from his femur. How damned collectible would that be!
Of course, I’d want the one bound upside down. :wink:

If I were single and no one questioned my RPG cash flow… you could bet on that. :sunglasses:

I would gladly pay $200 for a nice special edition with a nice box and som snazzy extras - I need another copy of the book anyway, sooner or later. Set up the Kickstarter, and I shall come.

You know, people paid almost that much for one leather bound copy of a certain game involving vampires…

It’s not outside the realm of possibility sirs.


Another possibility would be to look into producing a number of gaming aids, such as laminated sheets, cards, special dice etc (others have proven better than me at coming up with good ideas), and selling them separately - as well as in one big “luxury box special edition” with a copy of the book and all extras as a package deal for those of us who would want one.

After the last attempt at laminated sheets I am betting Luke never wants to see a laminator again.

Failed tests still give you a check for advancement… :slight_smile:

Yeah, Kickstart the crap out of this. I’d love some extras. I want a second printing of the book to fix the errata anyway, because I am too lazy to visit the free websire. :wink:

I’m pretty sure they didn’t want a real life test of the injury recovery mechanics.