The Rest of the Internet World

Wow, the rest of the internet world is scary.

Also, if you know anyone pirating the game, could you ask them not to? Thanks!


Okay, actually, it’s fucking hilarious once they start talking about Mouse Guard and squirrels.

Emprint makes a character on his live journal:

I’m thinking… nsfw…

Probably not safe.

Funny story about 4chan:

The other day in class (I teach Latin to 8th graders) I write FAIL on the board after a student missed a very very basic question. (It was in good fun). Then another student really wanted a picture of me writing FAIL on the board. “Why?” I asked. “Are you going to post it on failblog?”

His eyes widened. “Yes…you know about that? what? Yes, I was.” Then another student starts asking me what that is, and if I have a blog etc. and if she can look failblog up on my computer.

Now, the computers here at school block a lot of things (they don’t block this site, but they block most anything having to do with gaming) but they didn’t block failblog. So she finds it and is confused.

The other kid, who wanted to put me on the internet, said, “Wow. They block 4chan but they don’t block failblog? Weird.”

And I’m thinking, what on earth. Of course they block 4chan!