The Scope of Spirit Binding

Alright, so I am running a game, and one of my PCs is a spirit binder. I’m having trouble wrapping my head around the spirit binding though. I have a few big questions. First, in a Fight! does it take 1 action to bind a spirit and then an additional action for it to perform a task? Second, if the task is worded “kill my enemy”, can the spirit continue to use the harm mechanic, throughout a battle, or would it harm your enemy once and then a new binding would be required for another attack?

Hiya Huntman,

As stated on page 101, it takes one action. So the effect would happen on the same action, just like casting any other spell. But two actions for a complex task in a Fight is not an unreasonable call, if that’s the way your GM wants to run it.

If there’s ever a question abou the duration of a spirit task, use the table on page 107.

Hope that helps,

Also, “kill my enemy” is not really a valid intent.

It’s fine. They’ll have to deal with the retribution.