The Shattered Houses

Is there any place where I could find out more about the Shattered Houses region?

Also, is the Phaesian Arm populated? It seems that region would be a contested region by the two empires either side of it. Aren’t they the two fighting holy wars?

All of the boundaries between the major powers include worlds that operate with relative independence. In the Shattered Houses, Phaesian Arm and Vinkanse Arm, the independence is more wide-spread. The reasons for this vary. The Vinkanse arm is essentially an overlapping of the Dunedin and Darikahn boundaries, including some houses aligned with each power, and some local confederations that have sprung up in an attempt to create pockets of stability amid the chaos. The Phaesian arm is in a similar situation, but its unruliness is exacerbated by the Cyrean heresy (the heretics are strongest in the Phaesian worlds, which dilutes the authority of the strongly Mundus Comoran worlds), the relative weakness of the Comoran grand lord, and the influence of Darikahn, Gonzagin, Kudus and Comoran forces, all of which operate in the area. The Shattered Houses is a balkanized region that has never recovered from the Great Civil War that broke apart the Hanrilke Empire. Unlike the seven “Iron Empires” that coalesced after the civil war, the shattered houses never united under a single dynastic leader. There are dozens of small kingdoms in the region, all squabbling and fighting one another and their more powerful neighbors. A number of weak and disorganized pacification campaigns by the surrounding Iron Empires have resulted in fierce resistance by the shattered houses. The inhabitants are known for their independence, enthusiastic raiding, and tendency to abruptly change allegiances.

Oh, areas similar to what we’re discussing also occur in the boundary between the southern Iron Empires and the Vaylen… confederations that are no longer able to be defended by the “imperial” fleets, but not yet absorbed into the Vaylen worlds. These are the truly desperate human worlds, which are bound together into large defensive coalitions, awaiting their doom. The other related topic that bears mention here is the Void. The Iron Empires are a tiny island in the endless sea of the ancient Federation. The void, particularly the regions close to the Iron Empires, are composed of countless small interstellar states and independent worlds. The term “Outraider” refers to the inhabitants of these independent worlds, who are feared as brigands and pirates (which many of them are). Deeper into the void, who knows what organizations exist? It’s distinctly possible there are resurgent states larger than all of the Iron Empires put together, with completely different cultures.


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Very cool idea. Never thought about having groups larger than a single void world out there in the darkness.

Who they are, why they’ve cut off all contact with the Iron Empires, how (or why) they maintain their secrecy…sounds like great grist for adventure.

I’m already envisioning a group of worlds that engage in highly morally questionable activity way out there on the fringe. Maybe their spies show up in the Empires. Maybe they have a plan. Heh heh heh.

Thanks for the information… I am trying to decide where to put this world we have developed. The Shattered Houses region or Phaesian Arm. I am not sure where it would fit better.

The basic concept for the planet is the previous Forged Lord drove the Mundas Humanitas out of power, and place the Cyrean Church in power. This was done in an attempt to maintain power because he didn’t want to bow down to the Primarch. So there is a “cult church” faction which is a rebel group that is lead by the old Mundas Humanitas Archcotar.

Would this social conflict fit in either region really? It sees it would with your description. The Phaesian Arm seems more likely.

The Phaesian Arm sounds like the closest match, though you could make a case for it in any of the regions (the Vinkanse arm near the Kudus border, perhaps).