The Slave Pits

The Slave Pits
Skills: Survivalist, Laborer, Scavenger
Traits: Bitter, Scarred

The Slave Pits
A massive pit dug into the earth, or a series of prison buildings or pens to cage the poor unfortunates who make up the populace of this place. A market-town of sorts accompanies it, where the slavers do their evil business.

Available Locations
Tavern, Street, Flophouse, Market, Guild Hall
Alignment: Chaos

Nice work seems interesting man

The interesting thing will be figuring out how this interacts with the Family, Friends, Mentor and Enemy rules - if everyone you know is a Slave, it’s plenty awkward going home…

I love it!

“Sorry Mom, I know you’re still a slave. Yes Mom, I’m working on it. No Mom, I haven’t met anyone special in the dungeon yet.”

Adam that’s perfect! I’m gonna run this background with John’s Slave Pits of Ungu Con Scenario when I playtest this weekend. Awesome! Thanks so much!

Never mind. I want my barbarian to rise up from the Slave Pits, not some froo-froo Elven Lands.