The Sword with Burning Wheel Gold


After Luke’s talks in Ropecon last weekend I decided to run Burning Wheel, at last. I think The Sword would be a good starting point to learn the mechanics, but I can’t find a version of it for the Gold edition. In the Wiki there is a version from the Adventure burner (which I also have), but that version has some differences, especially in the Elf songs.

The page from three years ago has a link to a preview of BW Gold, which supposedly has the updated Sword, but this link is dead.

I tried searching the forums, too, but “sword” is a quite generic search term, and couldn’t find information on this.

So, is The Sword available anywhere in BW Gold format? I can of course burn the characters with Gold, but if it’s available somewhere I’d rather use that.

Thank you for any help!

I think it runs just fine as written.

The only problem I noticed with the elven songs is that I had to note which of them were actually spell songs and which were skill songs, but they are all in the gold edition.

There is a video of luke running a demo of the sword. I watched it last month and found it to be very helpful. (Unfortunately, I no longer have the link for it.)

Ok, I found the link.
I hope it helps (suggest you clear a couple of hours to watch it)

Oh, thanks! I think I missed the skill songs, and thought all the songs were spell songs. Teaches me to read properly…

As it is, yes, it should run well just as written.

… and how was your experience? :smiley:

I think the BWG “play sheets” pack in the store includes the Gold-updated characters.

How well does The Sword play with just the hub and spokes? Do you simply resolve conflicts using versus and bloody-versus? I feel like handing out the complete character sheets might be a bit overwhelming for the playgroup I’d play with, along with myself. I haven’t had a chance to play BWG yet, so I’m probably going to avoid anything that sort of describes mechanic-related things from the rim. Could you just run a session like that using the usual character sheets?

You can, but it’s really intended as a demo of how conflict mechanics work. I’d maybe go for a different intro scenario if you’re not going to use Fight or Duel of Wits.