The Treatment of Wounds


[BWG 2nd Ed with corrections] p491 lists Herbalism, Apothecary, Bloodletting, Field Dressing, Surgery, Khirurgy and Song of Soothing as skills that can be used to treat wounds.

The table also lists Child Rearing and Nursing

Nursing doesn’t appear in the skill list, should it be Midwifery?

Also, if I were an Orc, what lifepath & skill should I take to be able to treat wounds?

Nursing is a Great Wolf skill from the Monster Burner. The Black Hunter from the Black Legion Subsetting gets Field Dressing, but personally I think Butchers (Chattel) and Packmasters (Great and Black) deal with the wounded.

Thank you for the prompt reply.

The Nursing threw me, I must admit. I checked up and the Packmasters are from the Black Legion :slight_smile:

While on the subject of wounds, I know that if the example character on p486 takes another two B3 wounds then they upgrade to a single light wound. How would that be reflected on the PTGS and what would happen if the unfortunate character took another B3 hit?

There’s no change to the PTGS, they just suffer the -1D penalty of a Light wound rather than the +1 Ob of a superficial wound. They also have to make a Steel test (as you normally do with Light wounds). If the character takes another B3, register another superficial wound. The character is now -1D and +1 Ob. If the character takes two more B3s after that, they convert into another Light wound. The character has to make a Steel test again and is now at -2D.

Thank you again. It’s all clear now.

I have been looking at the Fight chapter and the example of Simple Martial Combat has Khalid grabbing the scimitar and Sir Carl grabbing Khalid, this is described as a Power vs Power test.

Would it not be a Agility for Khalid (as he is grabbing the scimitar) vs Power for Sir Carl (who is grappling Khalid)?

I believe it’s Power/Power because the intent of the actions are rooted in Sir Carl’s attempt to keep Khalid from grabbing the scimitar. Depending on the outcome Khalid either gets grabbed and can’t wriggle free, or he gets grabbed and is able to pull himself loose in order to recover the sword. If the intent was instead “grab Khalid before he gets to the scimitar” it would be Agility/Agility becuase we now care about the timing of the grab as opposed to finding out if Khalid can slip out of Sir Carl’s grasp.

With the strictest reading of task/intent (and my rather hazy remembering of the example in the book) in the Power/Power test, Sir Carl gets his hands on Khalid before Khalid gets the scimitar regardless of the outcome of the dice. The interesting point is if Khalid stays held. Similarly, in the Agility/Agility test, Sirl Carl grabs Khalid but the question now is when.

Opps, I got the names wrong, it’s Thormund vs Khalid

Khalid states intent first “I grab it; I lunge for the scimitar
Thormund then states “I stop him; I hold him back!

Thinking about this, Khalid doesn’t need to make a test to pick up the scimitar as there is nothing challenging about doing so and failure isn’t interesting. That brings us to Thormund’s intent which does have a challenge and failure is interesting, shouldn’t this make Thormund the aggressor, as his intent is to stop Khalid?

Now if the situation called for Khalid’s intent to be “push past Thormund to pick up the scimitar” that would make Khalid the aggressor and to my mind echo the draw result in the book.