There Are No Emotional Attributes

I’m reading the trades right now, so I find this intriguing. What was the design decision behind this?

  1. Emotional Attributes are for long term play. Like playing a character for four years. Burning Empires is designed to played for three months to a year.

  2. They just didn’t fit the source material. Everyone is human. No one is special. Everyone is fucked up, conflicted and mortal. There was just no reason to single out particular characters as “more fucked up and emotional than you!”

  3. The Infection mechanics replace the rising action/tension of emotional attributes in a way that is much more functional for playing in the setting.

  4. Burning Empires is designed to offer a wide (really wide) range of options for setting and background and conflict. I felt emotional attributes would sorely limit the scope I was after.

  5. I really like the BE characters. They’re just a tad bit simpler than the BW characters, but don’t sacrifice any of the depth (dramatic and mechanica) that I crave.

There are no stat and skill shades, either!

All very sound reasons to leave out emotional attributes. I really look forward to seeing this game.