Thief Sneak Attack

What is the requirement for a hidden or concealed position? Is a test necessary or is it meant for flavor? Can a Thief perform sneak attack more than once in a Conflict if they describe moving to a concealed position after using it the first time? Would it require a successful maneuver?

In a nutshell is this ability meant to be used rarely or essentially in any martial Conflict? Also, based on the description it can be used in Social Conflicts as well, correct?

  1. Hidden or concealed.
  2. Probably requires beating your opponent in a Scout vs Scout test. Could be a Dungeoneering or Health test to scale a wall/hide in the rafters, etc.
  3. Flank n’ shank. You might get +1s to your Feint if in the previous action you ended up in an advantageous position.
  4. Social: you’d have to jump out of a cake.
  1. answered with 2). An Instinct would be beneficial then.

  2. How do you get there? Is a creative description enough or is another test required? Perhaps Gain Position from a successful Maneuver in the previous Action is required?

  3. This is precisely what I had in mind!

A little color around at successful Maneuver to Gain Position might do it too.