This is perhaps the best roleplaying game I have ever seen

I just received my copy of the MG sourcebook and let me just say this - I have been unknowingly waiting for this game since my childhood -

allow me to explain, though not MouseGuard related - when I was younger I was an avid fan of the Redwall novels, not sure if this a taboo in this community or not, but the first thing I thought of when I saw this was “holy crap, its pen and paper Redwall”

The more I read the more I want to play - NOW

In the process of getting a few friend together to start a group - I have a few questions though

  1. What is a good number of players to learn/ teach the game too/ with? Most of my friends have played in D&D campaigns I have run but none of them have ever played anything quite like this.

  2. What is one piece of advice you would give to players familiar with D20 to smooth out the transition to this genre of roleplaying game?

Only on page 20 of the rulebook so far but I’m pretty ultimate stoked - this is perhaps the most excited I have ever been about a pen and paper game

thanks -

My best advice would be these two keys:
1: work the rewards cycles. encourage them to do so.
2: Everyone needs to Describe, describe, describe.

2 requires some explanation… have players describe their attack in a good 2-4 sentence description of how… and if it’s cool enough, give a bonus die. If it’s too long, don’t. If it isn’t really descriptive, or too short, again, don’t. The conflict system becomes really tedious when you are not describing well.

Some other stuff… take or leave it…
Do not give them combat missions until they understand the conflict system. Instead, use it for chases, or duels of wits, or even constructions. (I had players move a behive as a conflict! Another time, building a dam against a raging current.)

At first, point out opportunities to earn checks and experience marks… they’ll soon accept that. Then ween them off the “here’s the opportunity” and let them ask for them.

Remember: PC death is always in the player hands except in a total blowout… and if it is a total blowout, it’s the GM’s fault. Yes, risk is needed. But that risk is of failing the mission. My player’s PC deaths in MG were VERY memorable, because it was a heroic sacrifice of a beloved character.

Remember also: failure on the roll isn’t of need failure on a task, it’s failure on the intent. BEAT that into them… including when your NPC’s fail rolls. “Yes, the weasel gets a sword past your shield, and hits you, but it was flat, and merely pushes you backwards, putting you in position…”

And one more: In combat, do NOT describe wounds until after. Describe the hits, the misses, the feints and dodges… but never the injuries themselves, since, mechanically, they don’t exist until someone loses…

  1. You want to play with yourself plus three players – four friends sitting around having a good time.

  2. You really need to read the rules before we can accurately address this one. MG is a very different game.

I intend to play with my two oldest kids (10 and 8). I don’t have a lot of roleplaying experience (played d20 Star Wars for a few years) and I hope my kids will stick with me through the learning curve. We play mostly board games like Memoir '44 and Shadows Over Camelot and I haven’t been this excited about a game in some time. My copy of MG is on order, but will take a few weeks to arrive. It’s driving me nuts 'cause I want to start creating our characters!!

I just received my book in the mail today and my kids and I have been taking turns reading. I have to say the book is beautiful and well-written. They already want to start creating their own characters, but I think I will reign them in and have them use the pre-made characters for the first go 'round. Kudos, Luke!

Mouse Guard does rock, it is a wonderful combination of presentation, setting and system.

First off I would recommend getting solidly familiar with the rules, we didn’t (and still don’t) worry about implementing them 100%, but knowing how they all interact and why is important.

Secondly, have fun! Don’t sweat the little stuff and concentrate on telling big stories about tiny heroes and you can’t go wrong.

For the Guard!

I just have to add my two cents here, instead of making a whole new thread…

I love it. I love the MGRPG, and I think I’m going to have to start nibbling on the Burning Wheel itself just so I can expand my knowledge of it. I’ve only played two games so far… or rather, I’ve played two evenings, over mIRC, which comprise only about half of the actual mission (Both of us are learning, so the starting is a bit slow.)

I’ve never had such fluidity in gaming - I’ve tried GMing in d20 systems, and each time as soon as I run out of script I stutter to a halt… but with BW and the MG, everything just moves so fluidly, so perfectly…

To Luke and David, my hat is not only doffed but set on fire and given a solemn burial. I don’t think this game will ever be topped.