Thrall Warrior

I’m a huge Talislanta fan from way back and wanted to see how it fits into Torchbearer.

Thrall Warrior
Class: Warrior (uses the Human Warrior class as a base)
Raw Abilities: Will 3, Health 5
Trait: Battle Minded (replaces Heart of Battle): You were bred for war and have a keen aptitude for the fighting arts, strategy and tactics. However this single-mindedness leaves you lacking in most other areas and pursuits not directly related to war seem strange and difficult for you.
Starting weapons: Two-handed sword, garde armor (+1D to Attack, +1D to Defend)
Starting armor: Garde armor (same as leather armor)

Nature: Following superiors, commanding inferiors, honoring obligations

Nature Questions
Would you follow your commander into a futile battle, knowing full well that your cause was lost?
If yes, increase your Nature by 1. If no, increase or replace your home trait with Thoughtful or Loner

Are you one of the countless Thralls that fights each battle without fear of death or are you a cautious, careful and disciplined leader?
If you are bold and brave, increase your Nature by 1 but reduce Commander 1. If you study the battlefield before waging war, your nature doesn’t change.

Are you a mercenary adventurer without roots or are you a Thrall who serves and safeguards the fortresses of Taz, as duty commands?
If you work as a sell-sword, increase your Nature by 1. If you often return home to honor your obligations to serve and protect, increase or replace your home trait with Defender or Stoic.

New Town
Town: Jungles of Taz; the fortress cities of Tor, Trang and Targ
Skills: Armorer, Laborer, Stonemason
Traits: Defender, Tall