Tips from the Thieves Guild thanks to Jesse Bullington

“There are a hundred and one reasons why an honest man might be carrying a crowbar and a drill at three in the morning, but only a gang of experienced burglars would be abroad at such an hour equipped with a tortoise”

“The tortoise is employed thus. The burglar has with him a flint-stone and a candle about as big as a little finger. He lights the candle and sticks it on the tortoise’s back. The tortoise is then introduced through the breach into the house, and it crawls slowly around, thereby illuminating the house and its contents.”

OK, that is freaking gold.

Shall we include tortoises as equipment in the next book?

You all heard it!
A creature compendium would be great. Canaries, rope-tying monkeys, and jars of lightning bugs.

Countercheck is already on it: