Torchbearer 1/2-nd Print Comparison?


Some time ago, I found that I have a first print rulebook. I googled about the differences between printing versions and found that there are minor typos/clarifications.

Yesterday, in a session, my players showed me that second level traits could be used only twice per session. In my version of the book, it’s “all rolls associated with the trait.”

I wonder how many more “minor” changes are in second print, and is there any comfort list (like in BW editions comparison thread) to look at?

Thank you!

P,S, Does anyone know, how to apply to Bits and Mortar to get the latest Torchebarer pdf?

Hey there Anton,

The traits are biggest change. There are some skill help tweaks I believe also.

You can get the 2nd printing PDF from the BW store:

Max Headroom maintains an errata document, but it does not address the differences in versions:

Hi, mr.Koch!

Thanks for the errata! And special thanks to Max Headroom for this document!

According to this statement, i can get a PDF for free, but i can’t understand where to apply for this program.

When I used Bits & Mortar I asked the clerk about it when I purchased the book and they emailed me a code. I’d try asking at the store where you got the hardcopy.

Yeah, that’s right. Bits & Mortar works through the retail stores.

Thanks for the mention. (I’m Max Headroom in some other places.) Actually, errata from previous versions are also in the document and marked with an asterisk after the page number. But other changes which are not corrections (like the mentioned skill help tweaks) are not documented.

Thanks for the clarification and good work, Max! Yes, I have seen actual errata on the bottom of the document.

Thor, I bought this book in quite used condition, and there is no way to get any information about the original retail store, but I’m 100% sure that the previous owner did “activate” his pdf copy.

And the most crucial question to Thor: in Max’s errata, I see a few strong statements. One of them is leveling with a corrected amount of fate/persona point spent. What is your opinion about the suggested numbers? Are they more accurate than original ones?

Thank you!

Yes, the reward costs to level up were increased.

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