Torchbearer Player's Deck - available in the UK?

Does anyone know if this is available in the UK?

The postage from the US costs double the cards!

Hi ajevans. Sorry about the postage. It’s frustrating for us too.

Esdevium is our UK distributor, so your local game store should be able to order them through Esdevium. Also, I don’t know whether they’ve bought any Torchbearer Players Decks in particular, but Leisure Games in London frequently orders from us directly.

I emailed Leisure Games following a suggestion on the kickstarter comments page but I got no response.

My local games store (Travelling Man) dude told me that the player deck appeared on his order system but he couldn’t place the order. I overheard the phone conversation with his distributor (who remains unknown!) that they’d not been released yet (and we know that’s wrong).

“Leisure Games” are probably waiting on Esdevium. I had e-mail conversation about it some time ago.


I believe the decks have been dispatched. Sorry it’s taking so long!

Thanks for your replies. Leisure Games will have a stall at the UK Games Expo next weekend, I can ask them in person.


I too will at the UK Games Expo. Going to try to run some Mouse Guard and Torchbearer but I couldn’t get them on the schedule due to the minimum players per event being too low.

There’s one Torchbearer game being run, but I missed the boat.

It’s here!