Tough trait - invoking negative aspect, ideas?

I just made a character with the trait Tough. Our game should start next week but here I am wondering:
what situation can i impede or hurt myself with Tough?

What scenario can staying healthy be less beneficial than getting knocked out or sick?
The only thing I can think of is…
You got tied up and tortured for information;
if you just pass out from pain, your secret is safe.
But dearie! You just stay awake and risk slipping something out!

That doesn’t sound very fun at all.

Do you have any cool moments in your game playing Tough against yourself?
A hypothetical scene would do, too -
pour me some ideas, thanks!

Some examples of how I see Tough being used against yourself:

A Tough mouse might ignore a Condition for quite some time rather than attempting to relieve it, because they are tough, they can deal with it.

A Tough mouse might ignore warnings; a plague in a settlement? The tough mouse never gets sick! In he goes to assess the situation, offer help, deliver the mail, whatever.

A Tough mouse might ignore a clear danger; freezing rain? No problem, the tough mouse will forage for food while the rest of you wait next to the fire.

A Tough mouse might be manipulated into doing something that probably shouldn’t be done; A comb of honey sure would be delicious right now. You know, a weaker mouse couldn’t get any; but a tough mouse could easily slip up to the hive and snatch a pawful before the bees even noticed!

A tough mouse might come off as scary when he’s just talking to someone or asking for something.

self-knowledge of their own toughness leading to temporary overconfidence came up in a one-shot last week.

Hah, thanks!
So I see it’s not just about your physical health, but also your attitude and external environment as well, huh?
Our game got demoted to PbP 'cause internet problem, so it’ll be long before I can get into a sticky situation.

Though your ideas make me think of one more -
The tough guy could be leading the way into a muddy, perilous marsh.
He isn’t affected by the bad air, but not the same for his fellow guards.
So when he looks back, he will realize he’s separated from the rest of the party!