Town and Lifestyle cost: Individual or Group calculation?

My latest question is when calculating Lifestyle Cost for a Town Phase, if, for example, a Hotel is used to recover, does everyone in the party go to the Hotel, and then spend additionally to recover above and beyond the basic Hotel recovery, or can, in contrast, one party member hide out in the Stables while another is at Home and so on? I am guessing the later, that the Lifestyle cost for each venue represents one individual’s stay. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, as I am trying to get a handle on the Town Phase, and have a game session this Sunday. Thanks in advance.

People choose where they go so Lifestyle Cost is individual. So yes someone can choose to go to the stables and another to a Hotel.

(I would ask how jealous the character is though that Boren was able to get the money for a hotel)

So, then I guess each player makes a resources roll at the end of the Town phase. So, the bill collectors can come for one character while leaving another player’s character alone, and possibly Fresh.

Yes, that’s correct.

There is an interpretation that says twists are applied to the entire party whether or not a person helped. (You Reap What You Sow, p.66: “If there’s a twist, the whole group suffers.”)

But Thor can’t be wrong. So individual GMs should choose whether to drag those Fresh bastards into the fight or heed the game’s author.