Town Market abuse or what's to be expected?

Running Town phase and the players want to buy Ob 1 Fresh rations over and over and over. the book says to test the Ob for each item (so Ob 1 tests over and over); Previously, I always asked players for a single Market Phase, adding the obs of the individual items for a single test (3 X Fresh Rations = Ob 3). I know this makes it more difficult, but it expedites Town phase, and honestly it makes more sense to me. What is the correct way to handle this?

thanks in advance

Yours is.

Test for each item purchased in the market. But remember that if you’re testing the same ability over and over again, you only gain one test for advancement. See Earn One Test per Ability or Skill on page 104. They can keep buying fresh rations over and over again, but they won’t be getting advancements and the law of averages says they’ll fail the test sooner or later.

Anyway, they’ve got to put all that food somewhere.

It is allowed for characters to help one another with Resources tests, including Market purchases and Lifestyle cost, correct?

You can help with the Resources ability, so yes, I allow characters to help each other in the market. However, I personally don’t allow characters to help each other with Lifestyle tests. To my mind, they’re all making the test at the same time.

Oh wow. Somehow in two years of play we all missed that! If there’s ever an update of the TB rules, this particular clause should probably be mentioned in the Market section itself as well.

Now I know!