Trait clarification

I saw confirmed by Luke in another thread that the three levels of Traits are not cumulative. Got it.

Just to be clear, using a Trait doesn’t bump it down to the lower level, correct? E.g., if a player uses a Level 3 Trait, it just means that Trait is used up until recharged. It doesn’t mean that the Level 3 benefit is used up, and now it bumps down to Level 2, which can be used, and so forth. I figured not, but I wanted to be clear.

It does make me wonder if Level 2 is the most useful, though.

As far as I read it, that’s correct. You basically don’t have the lower level trait at all, just the improved version of it.

Same here. :slight_smile:

A call on is way more powerful. And you can spend checks to recharge it.

My players tend to disagree; they generally feel (and I agree with them) that a level 3 trait is less powerful than the level 2. Rerolling the traitors can be a help, but it’s overall less advantage than +1D on many rolls. (Especially, given my group, the level 3’s have been bold and rational… very useful traits.)

A level 3 is far more powerful than a level 1, tho.

Your players have taken the short term, immediate gratification path. However, +1D is nice, but NOTHING is more powerful than a call-on when you’ve failed a test, rolled no 6s and death is on the line.

Ah, I didn’t know a call-on could be used after the roll!

At what other time would you reroll?

… Well, the alternative being that it acted like Persona; ie, I always thought a call-on had to be decided on before the roll.

Persona is always after the roll. Fate is always before.

Reverse that. :wink:

You spend Persona before the roll and Fate after the roll (if you get any sixes).

Duh. Morning, brain fuzzy.