Trait levels cumulative?

Does Trait 3 get the effect of Trait 2 as well?

“No” is the answer I expect, but I’m surprised regularly.

No, it does not.

I am Sage’s total lack of surprise.

Is one reroll in a session really more useful than (potentially) a scad of extra dice?

It’s a shame that rerolls are so undervalued and underused in Mouse Guard. I think it comes down to our innate difficulty at choosing long term pay off vs short term gain.

One L2 trait could get you one or two bonus dice per session.

One L3 can turn a failed roll into a successful roll – allowing you to reroll a massive amount of dice. Tap your Nature, add it to your skill, toss in I Am Wise and help and a few persona points and you’re easily rolling 10+ dice, but probably closer to 15. Half of those dice come up successes, so you’re left with 5-8 failed dice on average. So in a conservative estimate you’re rolling as many dice in a reroll as you would using the +1D advantage of a L2 trait – AND you’re greatly increasing your odds of success on an important roll. Whereas +1D to any one roll does not greatly influence the results.


Really just once or twice a specific Trait comes up? Then wow yeah, a reroll is HUGELY better!

I’d’ve expected Traits to be relevant more often.

Traits are situational. Even if you get into a conflict in which one of your traits applies, you’re not going to be using it for every action. Maybe you’ll get four of five rolls out of it at best.