Transformation Question

I’m working up a Change Stature spell that would allow the caster and all he carries to increase or decrease in size. I propose doing this by using the following spell facets:
Personal Origin, Caster Area of Effect, Anima and Earth Elements, Transformation Impetus, Sustained Duration.
I believe that the Transformation requirement would already be met as the spell is only changing the size of its targets rather than the elements of its targets (if the spell were designed to transform the caster and all he carries into smoke, then I would need to add the Air Element into the equation).
Is this correct, or do I need to double dip the Earth and Anima Elements?

The finished spell should be able to increase/decrease the stature of the caster (and all he carries) by one level, plus one per extra success (maximum change of three levels). Changes in stature have standard “in game” effects, but otherwise do not change the characters attributes and stats.

I think you’d want Enhance impetus, not Transmute.

As I understand the various Impetus facets, we have:
Create (allows the spell to make something, not usable with Anima)

Destroy (allows the destruction of or by an element)

Influence (allows for cosmetic changes such as temperature, color, direction, ect. also allows a test where there normally wouldn’t be one)

Enhance (strengthens to an other worldly degree, also adds senses or abilities normally found within the element)

Control (changes shape of or forcibly moves the target element)

Transmute (changes one element into another or causes a change within the element, such as Falcon Skin) .

(That’s why I originally thought of Transmute.)

I don’t think Enhance would really cover the size changing (at least not the shrinking aspect), Control might work as changing the size is basically changing the shape along very specific lines.

I believe that Influence is considered to be weaker than Enhance, while Enhance is weaker than Control.

If I’m taking Transmute out of the equation (and Create and Destroy where never in the equation) I might as well finish strong and go with Control.

What do you think?