Trilemma Compendium

Most of the people here are probably already aware about the Adventure Compendium, but we have quite a few new GMs that might have missed the announcement today.

Here is the link:

These are short, two-page adventures that work really well for Torchbearer. There’s lots of good material to mine for GMs.


It’s the great work of @Fuseboy, oft seen in this parish, and I’ve successfully used his adventures for both Torchbearer and Burning Wheel for many a long year.

Currently, our party is deep in the Basilica of the Leper Messiah.

I highly recommend his work (and that of his collaborators)!


Right now, I’m running a heavily modified Sorcerer’s Feast’s%20Feast.pdf

I love the idea of the Carousel of Memories and the Reliquary.

Michael Dunn-O’Connor wrote up a little article with some tips for converting such adventures:


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