Trouble in Grasslake!

I ran this today for six people. I was incredibly nervous, because at the time I piped up and said I wanted to run it, I hadn’t actually read the whole thing yet. I gave it a coupla one-and-a-half read throughs, and went for it.

It was a serious blast. I had a terrible game session a few weeks ago with GURPS, and have just been really down about gaming, thinking that it’s really hard to actually have fun. Turns out I was just playing the wrong game.

The only thing that may have been problematic is that we had a two-on-three argument conflict that went weird. It was Disp. 5 vs. Disp. 3, and we both chose attack for our first actions, and wiped each other out in one fell swoop. It seems like this could happen often. Hmm.

Anyway, thanks for the awesome game, Luke! It ran like sweet buttermilk.

Next time you’ll both know better than not to Attack in the first action when you have low dispo…

Glad you had fun. Six is a big group for Mouse Guard!