Turning Torchbearer Around

I am nowhere close to developing this much further and I have seen a hundred version of this in DW and even here but I am going to say this again because it was fun.

I finally sat down and played Torchbearer. Our first session was fun and we look forward to playing again.

One of my players ('cause I always seem to collect the charmers) commented that it really made him think about violence and why we didn’t go around killing and looting peasants. Of course I commented on the idea that the players need somewhere to rest. He said (kiddingly) they’d get an outpost in the woods. I asked if the owlbears would sell them what they needed.

That said it was an easy jump to think about a Robin Hood/Outlaw/Inverse Dungeon campaign here and ratchet up the tension a bit.

Just sayin’

True murderhobos care nothing about peasants, only the knights who trample you when you mess with their wheat-robots.

Outlaws, on the other hand, are basically peasants without the nasty side order of riding metal-clad doom - killing them might be grisly work, especially if they brought families to their camp, and their treasure is often rather mundane, but a real murderhobo is up to the task. The peasants are often grateful to be rid of their nasty poaching former brethren as well, which can be milked for bread, favors and romps with sons/daughters.

Isn’t it lovely when you can have the cake and eat it too?