Twilight Guard


Here’s my hack for Twilight:2000 :

Please pass on any feedback you have. The values for the weapons are a little experimental so any suggestions there would be good.



I might be being dumb but that last link isn’t working, sorry.

Try this one:


Nice hack! :slight_smile: Aftermath was my first RPG, so any post apocolypse setting works for me!

Maybe some sample stats for the enemy would be good?

As you mention the weapons seem a bit off, but maybe when you’re comparing melee to machinegun / mortar, they need to be. I would try and wittle down the bonuses so that each weapon only has a few.

Ranks on the character sheet are nice, but as only one will be in use at a time, they do take up a lot of room.


Thanks for that!

One thought was to abandon the ‘canon’ weapon values and scale everything down a bit so firearms are not so all-powerful.

Also, I think the NCO/officer distinction is a bit pointless and will make it private > corporal > sergeant > LT > CPT.

I dunno about that.
I like the idea of a fresh faced young officer trying to lead all these grizzled veterans.

Yes, I like that, there’s nothing more dangerous than a 2nd LT with a map… :slight_smile:

I’m trying to put together a hack which is basically twilight guard + sci-fi.
Burning wheel idea is cool - but too much… the bare essentials as per a mouseguard char sheet would be much easier to run. And less explaining to new players (especially those who’ve never played anything before.