Twists and Traps

So, I’m working on a Realm Guard game for a buddy of mine’s bachelor party weekend (we’re geeks, and instead of a night on the town with wine, women, and song we retreat to a cabin in the woods for a weekend of games, geeks, and, well, wine :wink: ). My group tends to be D&D centric, and I am aching to get them to try something new (and better in my opinion).

So, as I was brainstorming a mission, I had a thought about a good old fantasy trope, the Trap. Not very MG or LOTRish, but doable I think, particularly in old ruins or areas held by Weasels or Uruks.

Alright, to get to my point, should a Trap be an Independent Test, a Versus Test, or a Conflict?


That depends how prominent you want it to be in the mission, and what you want it to accomplish.

Cut them off from the entrance/exit? Independent test (Scout, most likely). If you want it to drop them down into a pit with a cave troll, it could be a versus, or independent. If the trap itself is to be a hazard, go for a conflict, with its goal being whatever it is the trap was meant to do (squish the band, flood the room, drop through them through the floor, etc.).

I think that’s an awesome idea! With MG rules, it’s pretty easy to make it whatever you want.

To elaborate on Patrick’s suggestion:

If the trap is just there, make it an independent test. If the trap was laid by a character or animal that’s still around, make it a versus (if you set this snare behind you as you fled, or set it at one entrance to your home, or something like that). Test whatever trap-laying skill they’re using vs Scout or whatever. If it’s a major big deal, or more likely for a series of traps, make it a conflict. Shelob’s lair might have had a conflict for all the webs.