Two More Codex Art Magic Questions

In a long term campaign my friends and I have been enjoying these last months, I play an Art Magic sorcerer; so my interest was piqued when I read that Luke had already posted an updated version of the system. After finally hunting it down on Reddit, I have to say, I love the adaptations. They keep Art Magic fluid and flexible, but also produce some added limitations so that my sorcerer can’t do all the things all of the time. On the page, they strike me as brilliant tweaks.

But I still have two questions, both of which I suspect are going to be rapidly answered. In the Effects and then again in the new Schools of Magic sections, the text talks about nine effects in Art Magic. By my count there are actually ten, and the Effects section leaves off Transform. So here’s my question: when I’m selecting the effects in which I specialize and then ordering the ones in which I don’t, do I leave Transform out of the prioritization? Do I include Transform and have two effects receive the 6 Ob penalty? Or do I include Transform and then actually number the effects in which I do not specialize from 1 to 7 so that my least desired effect produces a 7 Ob penalty?

Also, now that Schools of Magic appear to have no Resource Point cost, how would you handle converting a character who spent 10 RPS on a school under the old system and is now converting to the new system something like 10 sessions into a long-term campaign? Would you say the character can redistribute those 10 RPS? Or is it too late for that?

Thanks in advance for you reply!


Hopefully, I caught and corrected the actual number of effects. FWIW, we always miscount our lists. It’s part of our curse.

Don’t convert characters in play. Just play with the rules under which they were created.