Two weapons already discussed in the forum and how we use on table

Hello guys,

Just like to share with you all two weapons that aren’t in the BW:GE but we use it, quite a lot, in our games

Reflex Bow:
Range: Opt.: 2D Ext.: 3D 200 paces
DoF: 1-2 DoF: 3-4 DoF: 5-6 VA: 1
I: B4 M: B8 S: B11 Actions: Nock and Draw, 5
Range: Opt.: 1D Ext.: 1D 50 paces
DoF: DoF: DoF: VA: -
I: 1-3 M: 4-5 S: 6 Weapon Power: +1

What you guys think?

Oh BTW, we use polearm rules for Two-Handed Swords (Montates, Espadones, Great Stoics, Zweihanders, etc…)