UK Guardmice

Some characters posted! Very cool!


At least one of which should be making an appearance in my con games at Conception :slight_smile:

  • Neil.

Cool! Any other pedants out there want to point out the (at least) two mistakes he made talllying up?

Don’t post the corrections over there. Post 'em here.

Great! Now I’m going to have to double check the characters :wink:

  • Neil.

Recruitment ain’t rocket-science - it’s really easy. But gah! I was rushing to post between finishing work and heading out. Still, the litany of my tyro shame extends way beyond two mistakes.

[ul][li]Patrol Leaders have Will 5 and Health 4: in my haste I used the Guard Captain stats.
[/li][li]Patrol Leaders have 9 Skill Points to spend: again in haste I used the Guard Mouse allocation.
[/li][li]The Nature questions aren’t all +1 or -1 propositions. If you don’t fear owls, weasels and wolves, it doesn’t mean that your Nature goes down by 1.
[/li][li]With regard to Resources, if you pack carefully before a journey, you may not take the Fiery Trait: I gave Reddick the Fiery trait later on.
[/li][li]I didn’t state where Reddick’s Friend and Enemy were to be found on the map (nor what they did for a living.)
[/li][li]I wrote down a Goal before a Mission was even tabled. (I was taking the piss out of my mate Jez though, so it’s a stretch for me to call it an error.)[/ul]
(Hopefully that’s it. Any pedants care to extend the tally?)

Happily, the intent was to foster some interest in MG, which it seems to have done. I think there will be a strong showing for Mouse Guard at Conception. I’m planning on running two games of Burning Wheel there too.

Piss Poor At Reading Simple Procedures On That Day Pete

Does that mean that mine was ok?:confused:

I think you have one too many Traits.
[ul][li]Steady Paw, from Barkstone birthplace.
[/li][li]Wolf’s Snout, from “Choose a quality you were born with” (p308)
[/li][li]Wolf’s Snout/Natural Bearings, from “Choose something you learned or inherited from your parents” (p308)[/ul]
[/li]Tenderpaws don’t get to choose a Trait from the final section, “Life on the Road”. Good to go apart from that I think: is there somewhere else where you got the fourth Trait that I have missed?


Skill ratings are off. Skill ratings are 1 plus the number of checks.

Indeed. I think I just got a new Trait in the Vote:

Dunce, C-O*, 4 pts.
The character is a clown. This is a special call-on for any skill that permits you to reroll all Successes in the hope of making them worms.


Nope… close, but not quite. This is Mouse Guard, not BWR…

Clueless: The individual is noted for not noticing things they should. Clueless mice are not expected to notice things, and in social situations have an advantage when trying to avoid consequences or ignore things, especially social attacks. Unfortunately, they often do miss noting important things, and make mistakes in processes and overlook details in directions.

Dude, it’s cool! Your posts are great. Your characters are great. Don’t beat yourself up because you missed something in your enthusiasm!

No, I dunno where the x2 next to Wolf’s Snout came from!

when is conception? others might also want to know…

and yes Neil I am lazy…

its in two weeks: and I will probably not be able to make it…

It’s ok John, you and I can commiserate together about being unable to make the con…