Unarmed Monsters

Page 150 says that if a monster doesn’t have any listed natural weapons for a type of conflict, “they do not suffer the blanket -1D penalty to all actions for being unarmed in a fight, but they can’t be disarmed, either”.

So, they don’t get the penalty, and they can’t be disarmed. That makes sense. Except that it says “but”, as if not getting a penalty is somehow ameliorated by also not being able to be disarmed.

Should I just do what it says, or am I missing something?

Wouldn’t the “but” just be clarification that you don’t treat them as having a weapon even though they get the benefit of it, rather than it being about ‘balance’? Your description of the passage suggest that to me although I don’t have the PDF to read so am only guessing about the “normal” disarming rule.

Ooh! You are correct, sir!