Under a Serpent Sun?


Luke is traveling this week (GDC, and now PAX). He’s the copyright owner. But don’t expect an affirmative response.

The UASS in your head now is definitely better than the one in the book, though. There’s some flashes of good stuff in there, but otherwise it’s like the angst-filled poetry you wrote as a teenager.

Luke did actually bring up UaSS at PAX. A panel was asked what the craziest inspiration for a game was, and, well, At the Gates came up.

I would prefer that it dies quietly, like a starving Haunted. But I’m not Holocaust Seed or anything.

Psst, Moxie. He sees your Need for this thing and is enjoying its sweet, sweet taste.


I think you are holocaust seed Luke, feeding off the poor masses that lack the power of UaSS.


That’s quite a charge. That would mean I’m Answered and thus can ask Questions.

Nothing good comes from asking Questions.