Uneven teams

Say you have 2 teams on one side of a conflict and one team on the other side (in this case it was a team of 2 mice vs two teams of two weasels each – would’ve been 3 mice, but we were down a player and decided it’d still be fun with things stacked against us).

Anyhow, when do you declare your target?

Also, what if we have a case like:
Weasels Team 1: Feint
Weasels Team 2: Defend
Mice: Feint

If the mice decide to pit their feint vs team 2’s defend, where does that leave the other team of weasels?

Typing this out and thinking about it again, I think I may have answered my own question. So, here’s my interpretation:

T2 doesn’t get to roll, because the mice used Feint. Say they roll their dice and get 3 successes, that’s 3 taken off the weasel’s disposition. At the same time, the other team rolls their feint. Say they get 4 successes, that’s one more than the mice got, so they knock 1 off the mice’s disposition.

What about scenario 2:
Weasels T1: Feint
Weasels T2: Attack
Mice: Defend

Does this mean T2 rolls their attack (let’s say 2 successes), the mice try to defend, let’s say 4 successes (thereby gaining 2 disposition back), while T1 feints the mice getting only 2 successes. Now, since T1 feinted, against the mice’s defend, is that 2 off of disposition?

Lastly, what about:
T1: Feint
T2: Defend
Mice: Defend

Can the mice pit their defend against T2’s defend, so they’re both making independent tests, while T1 gets their uncontested feint?

Declare your target against your most optimal interaction.

Or, if you’re REALLY COMPETITIVE, note your target when you note your action.