Using Nature for Disposition

Under Disposition, it says “If your Nature applies to a conflict, you may roll it in place of the listed raw ability.” However, you do not roll the Raw Ability. You roll the Skill, then add that to the Raw Ability. Is this correct? Or do you use it in place of the RA and add it to the SKill roll? Or do you roll Nature in place of the Skill and add that to the RA? (I would think the latter. For example, my wizard is leading a Convince conflict. He does not have the Persuader skill, but the party is demanding the local lord help fight marauding monsters. Demanding is in human Nature. So the wizard could roll Nature instead of Persuader, then add that to Will for Disposition. However, since he is using Nature in place of Persuader, only companions with that Skill can help with the Disposition roll. Is this correct?

It’s been over a week and still no answer. Am I missing something? Can I explain something better? This doesn’t come up often but I would like to know what to do when it does.

Roll Nature and add the successes to Health or Will, whichever that conflict type calls for. Anyone with the appropriate skill or an appropriate Nature descriptor can help.

fair enough. Thanks, Thor.