Using right tools for the job while chasing

I’ll be grateful for a clarification about one of “effects” descibed in part Cut to the Chase (page 122).

When my character wants to use right tools for the job, he/she gains “+1 success to Attack”. Does it correct wording or maybe this rule shall be “+1 success to a successful Attack”?

I’m curious, because IMHO this is the only one rule in a whole book, when my character gains a success regardless of dice results. Any other weapons (fighting weapons, weapons of wit etc) don’t have such a thing like that.

Check page 13 “The little s”

You have to pass a test to get the success from +Xs

OK, but what I’ve been hoping to learn is whether that rule from page 122 is an exception to the rule from page 13 or not?

No, it is not an exception. Cresent points out the definition of the little s. That definition always applies.

Great, thanks a lot :slight_smile: