Using the BWR GM Sheet with Gold

So, I want to use the GM sheet from the wiki. It’s for BWR, but should only have to markup a few changes, I think. The biggest difference I’ve noticed is that page 4 of the GM sheet doesn’t even need to be printed out, as that page is for Fight, and the rules are now completely different, and the Gold Fight scripting sheet has all the rules anyway.

I have one question though. On page 4 of the GM sheet, it lists Disadvantes in Fight. Are these disadvantages still applicable to fights in the Gold edition?

I’d appreciate a quick response, as I am getting ready to run the first session of my new campaign in a couple days, so I’m in the process of getting my papers in order right now. I will post what other changes I find later on. I’m also considering making up a new page to replace the one lost, perhaps with a list of special rules for certain stats, skills, and whatnot (what’s open-ended, wound penalties apply, etc.) Will post the replacement page if I make it.

Thanks! ~ Dean

The new positioning rules negate any BWR inside/outside modifiers, and BWG is explicit about “Knocked Down” and “Terrain” (pg455/6). Everything else is covered in “Advantage and Disadvantage” (pg27/8). The Assess action can be used similarly to wises to “invent” these advantages or disadvantages, I guess.

Looking into something else, I noticed that the description for Block & Strike (pg442) says to apply penalties from wounds, light, weather, and knock down to both actions (which just about covers everything).

Good luck with your game…


Awesome, thanks. So, page 4 is out then. Good stuff.

Will post back later with any changes I notice need be made. If anybody else finds changes in the meantime, feel free to point them out.

One of the reasons I was able to answer your post was because I’m trying to do a similar thing. (Laminated check-lists for the various mechanical systems, with reminders of modifiers to apply ). I’ve got a terrible memory, and without them I’d find it very difficult to run a game. (If I take a wrong turn once, I’ll think it’s the right way forever).

I’ve created one for Fight! scripting and positioning, and one for the sequence from Strike to Steel. It’d be great to get help checking them over, to see if I’ve missed anything, but I’m aware that Luke is concerned about people making the details of his game available for free. I guess when I’ve finished them, I ought to get off my lazy arse and ask him!

Cool. I’d help check 'em over, if you like. I own Gold, no worries there. Up to Luke though, of course.

Circles obstacles have changed from BWR.

In the sheet: “… an occupation completely outside of or unavailable to your circle” now it should say: “an occupation rare or unique within your setting”, and the Time obstacles it should be ignored and replaced for Time and Place obstacles.

oof, the whole weapons page had to be completely redone. I have white out all over the place.