Vault Guard

Hi everyone.
On the advice of a friend of mine (Glendower - the guy who wrote up the hack for ‘Dwarf Guard’) I’ve taken a look at hacking MG into a Fallout type setting.

The premise of VG follows the opening of a Vault for the last several years. The Overseer of said Vault has established contact with the surrounding townships and pockets of pseudo-civilization in the hopes of easing the Vault into the reality of the Wastes. This includes bribing the towns with a sampling of technology in order to give the people there a slightly better quality of living, in exchange the towns will pledge themselves to the authority of the Vault. The Vault Guard was then established by the poor suckers within the Vault to ensure the loyalty of the townships, and to stop the enroach of savagry out on the Wastes.

The Vault Dweller’s Nature: Obedient. Nostalgic. Vault-Tec. Civilized.

Now several things I want to take to the community, to gain suggestions, etc before I post the full hack. I wanted to keep the rules of MG, but also introduce the themes and flavour of Fallout. I’ve got a sample Recruitment sheet and some ideas, but I wanted to flesh out a few things first.


The first thing I’m looking for are ideas of Traits. A lot of ones in MG work awesome. Some don’t (Long tailed). I’m thinking of things like Radioactive, or Bloody Mess. Something post-apocalpyic/survivalist.

Cool. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Next up: weapons.

Oh, and anything I’ve put up here so far (like the premise, or nature) feel free to critique, or tell me I’m awesome, or give suggestions.

I had looked carefully over what Glendower did for Dward Guard, simplifying weapons, and also looking over what MG originally had, being weapons that filled a certain niche. I thought about playing with ranges of weapons, and then I agonized over keeping a tier of weapons similiar to what Fallout had, being:

Hand-to-Hand ==> Small Arms ==> Big Guns ==> Energy Weapons.

Each tier would be better than the last. But that would just mean ppl would just try to load up on plasma guns, and I would always have to break them in challenges bc they were so awesome, etc.

I also wanted weapons to be equal, and I really dug the idea of each weapon owning a certain niche in combat. To that end I got rid of hand2hand weapons, and put energy weapons away with the idea in mind that those weapons should ‘be out there’ but awesome//hard to maintain.

Here’s what I got so far:

Pistols: Short range. As per the knife in MG. When sucessfully used against a medium to long ranged weapon in a Maneuver action, acts as a Disarm in addition to the normal successes.

Flamethrower: Short ranged. As per axe in MG. +1s after a succesful attack. -1d Defend, -1d Maneuver.

Sniper Rifle: Long ranged. As per Bow in MG. +2d to Maneuver against short or medium ranged weapons. +1d Attack versus defend.

Grenades/Dynamite/Explosives: Short ranged. As per Hook and Line in MG. +1d to Maneuver. +1s after a succesful maneuver. -1d to attack.

Machine Gun: Medium ranged. As per shield in MG. +2d to Defend. -1d to tired checks in the players turn. (after lugging it along)

Assault rifle: Medium ranged. as per sword in MG. +1d to any one action. Can be announced at any time in the battle, but then it sticks for the remainder of the fight.

I wanted to include these weapons thematically. Came up with these ideas:

Shotguns: Short ranged. +1s to attack vs short ranged weapons. -1 to Maneuver (cause you need to reload manually).

Mortars: Long ranged. +2d if an opponent defends. (mortars were meant to catch people in cover)

Hunting rifle/bolt action rifle: Medium ranged. Pick +1 to two different actions, and -1 to another when you first choose this weapon. The choices are permament.
Or upgrade the rifle with a scope: Only choose +1 to one action, -1 to another, but weapon is long ranged.

Bows: Short ranged. … and I got no idea. +1d to Feint and Maneuver vs Medium or Short ranges? Was hoping someone could come up with a cool idea.

How ranges work: Against each other, Attacks are versus instead of independent, and Maneuvers are independent instead of versus when one weapon has a righer range than another.

The weapons I’ve chosen are ones that are floating around after the collapse of two world powers, and that are relativly easy to make/acquire. Combat would usually be a squad of supermutants or raiders (etc) against the players, or it could be a wandering robot or deathclaw. The size of the squad would be the equivilant to the size of the animal in MG, with an army of supermutants being the equivilant to a moose.

I wanted to add these additional weapons again just for thematic flavour, and to let the players know that there’s all kinds of weapons floating around out there.

I am having the most difficulty deciding on the hunting rifle and bow. I do think they should be there, and that they should be different than the other weapons on. I love the idea of each weapon having its own niche in combat.

If you’ve read this far, awesome and thank you. Please give me suggestions of the weapons, or suggest some new ones of your own.

I’ll hopefully get the full hack posted in the next couple of weeks.

Hey there! Great to see you’re jumping into the forums. Dwarf Guard got some great development tips here, and I’m sure Vault Guard will get the same.

For weapons, it’d be a good idea to include finite ammunition, and make a decision on how much a person can carry. A big part of the computer game was scarcity and scrounging for every little bullet.

As for Traits, You might want to cherry pick the perks from Fallout I-III. Here’s a few interesting ones.

Lead Belly
Light Step
Strong Back
Child at Heart

I really like that nature! What about something like Agoraphobic in there also?

Nice work here ! :slight_smile:

I’ve been thinking about writing a similar hack for a Fallout game powered by MG where the PCs would play members of the Brotherhood of Steel patrolling between cities on the West Coast. In addition to the firearms rules posted above, I’ve been thinking about using the following natures for this context :

Vault Dwellers: Obedient. Nostalgic. Naive. Civilized.
Brotherhood of Steel: Obedient. Militaristic. Civilized.
Raiders: Violent. Foragers. Nomadic. Amoral.
Ghouls: Enduring. Immortal. Ugly.

I was also thinking about adding a new condition to the game, Irradiated, which would be a variant of Sick only curable through Rad-Away.

Nostalgia is definitely a trait of any Vault-Dweller, but I see it causing problems, mechanically. How exactly can someone “go against nature” in regards to nostalgia? Players certainly shouldn’t be punished for going against their nature and planning ahead for the future; furthermore, wasn’t one of the most interesting things about the Fallout series the variety of personalities that the player could use? It feels like using “obedient” and “civilized” limits the character somewhat in how he or she may role-play.

I love the creativity behind this, and I believe this is an excellent start, but do you think it would be more appropriate to have a nature that reflects the behaviors of any recently released vault-dweller? For instance: Looting, something that can be challenged when the player chooses to be less than prepared for a mission;Vault-Tech, as you have already mentioned; and maybe some other more generic, but equally effective, descriptions of nature.

Perhaps, you can also provide a different type of nature for different character archetypes (classes, if you feel like calling them that).