So, an upcoming dungeon is going to take place in a partially-flooded area. There are a couple chambers which are almost entirely underwater, and to traverse them the characters will have to swim (which I expect will be a Dungeoneering test). My question is, how much of a dick does the game assume I should be about waterproofing? Am I expected to take it easy and not say things like “Oh, you swim through the tunnel? The water ruins your traveling spellbook and all your scrolls,” except perhaps as a result of a twist? Should I just handwave it and say “oh your satchels and backpacks are lined with walrus blubber or something, they’re effectively waterproof - except when they tear,” or what?


Gear is fair game, but I think you’d really have to invoke this as a twist. It needn’t be for this test, however - you can easily invoke it later. Perhaps the mapper discovers that the map was ruined as a twist for a later Cartographer check, for example.

I don’t have a definitive answer for this. GMs will have to decide for themselves. Storapan’s answer is a good one.

On the other hand, I think it’s also totally fair to say before they get in the water, “this is probably going to ruin your books and scrolls.”

Will the party take several turns to make waterproof coverings? It’s an interesting and difficult choice.

Personally, I tend to think that something like a traveling spell book comes with a leather or cloth wrapping that has been coated with wax, resin, linseed oil, animal fats or something similar to make it water resistant. So I need to take that away with a twist before I really stick it to a character for getting wet. But I’m a softie.

You might also put pockets of air in the chambers so players can attempt to swim with their belongings above water, but a failed test might result in some things getting doused in the drink.

Hell no. They swim through naked with knives in their teeth, leaving everything behind, and then light wet torches on the far side.

Good stuff, guys. And thanks, Thor - I’ll put on my viking hat and make my own ruling. \m/


I don’t even want to know what they are rubbing together to light those torches. :frowning:

Well, dwarfs do have the Trait “Born of Earth and Stone”…

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