We Have a Winner, Canada!

Vidal Bairos, your package has been returned to BWHQ – rejected by Canada Post!


On what grounds does a postal service refuse packages? I mean, its a freaking postal system. You’ve ALREADY paid for the service.

“Yeah, we…ah…took your money but, later, we had a meeting and decided not to provide the service you paid us for. Thanks for choosing the Canadian Post!”


They couldn’t read the address. I could! But they couldn’t.

Oh well. At least it wasn’t lost in the mail! Or damaged

We’ll try it again!

Better rejected than simply not delivered because they didn’t feel like it. That’s apparently been a problem at times. I remember a few months back hearing on the news about a guy who had rooms filled with undelivered mail that he just brought home instead of doing his whole route.

After scribbling addresses day after day, I imagine your handwriting must be suffering.

Have you considered labels?


Damn, Damn, Damn

I’m glad you got it back, it least I know where it is.

Thanks Luke

Resending it tomorrow. You should have it within the week if all goes well.


That’s Luke

And it came back to us in the perfect condition - cardboard corners combined with bubble-wrap rule!