Weasels in Conflicts

Hey all. Quick three questions here:

  1. When Weasels are involved in a Conflict (especially a Fight), are they treated as Animals and use their Nature as a base for Disposition or can they use their other listed skills (like Mice do)?

  2. Also, while the fight is going on, do they roll based off their Nature or their respective skills?

  3. One last one: if they’re a bit more like Mice than other animals, does anyone ever give a main villain Fate and Persona capabilities??


Weasels use stats and skills like mice. They can rely on their Nature when the descriptors come into play.

Weasels can even use their Traits the same way Mouse PCs and NPCs do. For advanced play, you could give each Weasel in a squad a unique Trait and personality, rather than just sticking exactly with the template in the book.

But I’d never give F or P to NPCs in MG—it’s a harsh game, but one of the few saving graces the PCs have is that they have F&P, and no one else does. Oh, so many times have I rolled a shit-ton of sixes as GM… Hmm. Actually, the pure math on that is probably part of the reason not to let NPCs/Animals have F&P: many times the GM is rolling very large numbers of dice, so being able to open-end sixes would be even more powerful for the GM than it is for the PCs.


Thanks for the speedy reply!