what are your dice made of?

I was looking at buying some Dwarven Metal Dice (copper, brass, or stainless steel) and was wondering what most of you would prefer to use? I have several plastic dice, but i just found out they make them in different elements :slight_smile:

I own some agate and amethyst stone dice. I like them a lot! I won’t let anyone roll my speciality dice! It’s bad mojo. :wink:

I only use Chessex dice blocks. I really like the smaller size of D6’s they are using for these and with 36 dice per block I’m pretty much covered for anything that can arise during a BW/BE session.

I use mostly Chessex since the quality is pretty good for the price. However, my girlfriend just ordered me a set of the Dwarven Metal copper ones and a set of smoke onyx gamescience die, I can’t wait to give them a roll.

I’ve had the odd moment of being interested in metal dice, but experience has revealed that they roll way too loudly for my tastes, and also that they can cause damage to wood tables.

The tears of fallen players.

I used dice I made specifically for this game using Sculpey to give them a worn and mousy feel.