What makes an effective character?

Hey All;

So I just ordered BE and while I’m waiting for the book to show up, I looked over the .pdf. Decided to burn up a world myself, just for kicks, and burn a character as well.

The first concept I had didn’t really fit - which is cool, I just wasn’t “getting” the setting.

The second concept I had worked out pretty well (basically ripping from Dune - a soldier who was captured and then rescued by the Forged Lord, now he serves him), but once I was done I wasn’t “grabbed” by him.

Oh sure, I did want to play that guy; but I wasn’t sure if he could survive, or be effective in the way I wanted him to. (Maybe it’s baggage from playing too much D&D, where character creation matters a lot.)

I just want to get a handle on things. Do I need Iron to survive in a Firefight? (It kind of seems that way, with the damage that squad support weapons are capable of dishing out.) What skills, and at what exponents, would I need for a “spymaster”? Are the sample characters in the book “good”?

Maybe I’m looking at things in the wrong way… I just want to make sure that the sort of things that I want to do in the game, I’m able to do.

Take a look at the Infection maneuvers, and think about the skills for them. That’s the stuff you need to win.

Next, you need to be good at something in conflict scenes, maybe able to hold your own in both DoW and Firefight! but this does not mean you must be a slick talker and a tower of strength on the battlefield. You could as easily be the signals guy, or stubborn, or knowledgeable, or whatever.

You don’t need iron to survive. All you need to survive anything but close combat is, well, someone else to get shot before you. For close combat, well, iron sure helps, but it’s still not necessary.

Here’s the thing: You don’t have to get hit by SSWs unless you want to (and when there’s like a V3 hit incoming and you’re the only one in iron, you probably do want to take that, since it’ll be superficial to you but mortal to anyone else, but generally you don’t want to be taking the hits while there are grunts to do it). You get to pick who gets hit.

I thought about doing what your did… burning up a world and char just for kicks. but it is difficult to do IO found without people to bounce ideas off of. I would try to do it again with one friend even if you don’t play. that way you get the feeling of fitting in with the setting more. (this is somethign I still want to try and do as well)

Cool, it seems I need to read the whole book (imagine that! :wink: ) in order to get a handle on all this stuff.

I think I’m just a little overwhelmed by all the material, and reading in it .pdf format makes it more difficult. I hope the hard copy shows up soon!

I’m going to read more, try out things by myself in order to get a good handle on the rules and how everything works together, so that when I bring the game to my group I can (try to) answer their questions.

So far, things look cool. 8)


You also might check out page 107 in the Character Burner section. It explicitly tells you what skills you need by phase and by conflict.

Page 125 also discusses exponents and their effectiveness in the game.

Pages 18, 19 and 21 talk about numbers and probabilities in the game.


Luke, I have to ask:

Do you have all this stuff memorized or just always a copy of BE/BW handy?