What's Your Weakness as a GM?

I can’t, for the life of me, seem to remember to challenge Instincts. I’ll go through whole sessions and just forget to do it! I’m going to start having the players write down their Instincts on cards and bloody keep them on me.

I have a tendency to split my party up pretty fast. Something about my habit of sketching new locations for each new goal. Suddenly you got someone out in the sticks while the other guy is hell bent on getting into a noble court. Probably has something to do with having weak situations.

This is fine if done properly, but then I struggle to get those nice scenes where you have at least 2-3 people in one scene.

I have a hard time getting everyone together myself. I’ve now let people start separate and start throwing stuff together to get people to come together on their own.

My solution to this has become before the game even starts, get the players together. Make sure everyone knows at least one other character. This eliminates the jumping through hoops when you should be roleplaying to get people together, or gets rid of the awkward tavern situation. For BW specific I will say to have a belief regarding the group and/or another person as well for the first story arc.

My problem runs a bit deeper than that. I have a hard time finding something to unite everyone at the beginning of every session. It always takes me a little bit of time to weave everything together to get everyone in the same room, so to speak.

The biggest hurdle that my group has is the 3rd session hump. Basically speaking any game that we play after the 3rd session it seems to die out. Seemingly for lack of a strong enough hook to keep the game interesting and going forward.

My problem is note-taking and long-term organization. Part of the reason I started putting up AP videos is that I can go back through the recordings to make sure I don’t fuck up established events/people/places from previous sessions, but that’s not super efficient.

Perfect the art of the cliffhanger. Drop a huge, juicy, horrible, situation right in front of them at the very last second and tell them it’s time to do Artha. The players will burn out eventually, but I’ve been able to keep campaigns running on cliff-hangers for 20+ sessions just based upon the cliffhangers alone.

I feel like I tend to devote too much focus to 1 or 2 of a character’s Beliefs to the detriment of his 3rd Belief and his Instincts. I’m working on it though.

Are all 3 Beliefs goal oriented? Cause that’s a lot to juggle.