When do just graphic novel orders ship?

hey luke, when do just graphic novel orders ship?

I had order them both with you separately from my preorder of BE so I would have time to sell my group on this setting. From the PDF It looks like actual play should go smoothly.

in a couple of weeks. Give me a minute, jeez!


You asked for a minute.
Gave you a month.

By any chance, have the comics shipped yet?

Everything is en route to me, still. I’m waiting with baited breath, trust me. I got my invoice from DH the other day and I ordered a ton of shipping materials from the USPS. So things are in motion.


Bated breath. Bated. B-A-T-E-D. You’re not a fish that’s just swallowed a hook!


I hate that!

Get over it. It was a typo.


lol. stinkbait.


who saids he isnt? although with those freaky thumbs Luke would make a strange fish… :shock:

back on topic… yea! soon, I will infect some friends with the WORM! :twisted: After they read the graphic novel’s I am sure they will not be able to resist the call to play… they will be like fish I have baited, and swallow the worm… muahahaha

checks zipht’s location


“I got worms in the wire, drop all remaining ordnance in my perimeter!”

Comics recv’d.

Comics read.

When’s the movie coming out?

Excellent. Let’s worry about the game debut before we start thinking about any other madness!


There’s a game?