When does a Weather Watcher result take place?

p.254: “The predicted weather takes hold at the start of the next session, or due to a weather-based complication this session.”

Would someone be able to give me an example of this skill in play, particularly in the case of the italicized portion above? I am confused. Can a player literally thwart a weather-based complication using this skill?

No, but essentially, they can encourage the GM to impose the weather asked for, and they get it sooner or later. It may cost them, however.

And if it’s the weather asked for, the mice can be prepared with equipment specific to the weather and perhaps receive +1D for checks relevant to it (p. 93, Gear Against Obstacles).

This is how I use this skill. So far, I’ve only played one-season-per-session, so that may be affecting things.

When the mice set out at the beginning at the GM’s Turn, I ask them to make a Weather Watcher test. If the fail, I hit them with a planned weather-based complication after a later, failed Mission Obstacle test. If they pass, they basically have a “Get Out of Weather Free” card if I want to use a weather-based complication.

Earlier today, I decided I didn’t like this. My new thought is to ask for the Weather Watcher check in response to the failed Obstacle test that would bring the bad weather, as in “You failed your Pathfinder role. You’re going to get stuck out in the freezing rain unless you make an Ob 6 Weather Watcher test,” rather than have them make Health rolls to avoid getting Sick or whatever. If they fail the Weather Watcher roll, I can hit them with conditions anyway.

This seems to sync-up better with the Mouse Guard mechanics, but at the moment I’m thinking Weather Watcher might simply work better in longer campaigns.

Not to get too far off-topic, but I don’t think you’re supposed to be asking/requiring players to make any checks during the Player’s Turn. The players decide what checks to make during their turn and spend checks to do so. The only time the GM gets involved is when a twist or condition must be applied due to a failed roll.

Or am I reading that wrong?

Sorry, I meant GM’s Turn. Thanks for catching that; I’ll edit it above.

You do bring up a good point, however, that if we were playing less-episodically, a Weather Watcher test to carry over into the next session might be a great way for a player to spend a check in their turn.

Hugely potent to be able to set the starting weather for A session.

Does anybody run this ability as just telling the players what weather you (the GM) are planning, so they can equip/prepare for it, rather then selecting the weather altogether?

If a skill let a player declare “A wolf will attack in a few days” out of the blue, people would probably be a bit concerned about its presense in the game, but in principle this one as written could be used to summon an equally bad weather hazard…

Fear not player authorship, serp. It is good and right.

Serpine: The idea of a skill that does that is alread present in MG (And BWR and BE)… the skill is Wolf-Wise. Inside the barrier, about Ob 5; outside, Ob 3.

It is invked by the player saying something along the lines of “Well, we’re in wolf turf now, and I suspect the pack will be back here in about 3 days.” GM assigns the roll, and if made, it’s truth. If not, The wolves may show up anyway, or might be foxes instead, or the mouse might get a headache. GM’s call as to which.