When i buy BWG - what do i get?

Hey wheelies,

I have ordered BWG from Amazon UK (can’t get it from the german amazon) but they said they have to restock it first and now i have a few days (hopefully just days) untill it get’s shipped here.
So my question is, with the BWG Book, what do i get? Do i have anything to do anything BW related? Do i still “need” the Magic Burner or is this a thing from BWR and now part of the Mainbook?

From what i heard it is a enormous book but really what is in it?

The Magic Burner and Monster Burner are not superseded by BWG, but neither are they essential. They contain, primarily, the tools to do major setting rebuilding. If you’re playing something euro-medieval-ish, BWG will give you what you need. (For instance, the stock LPs are built for 14th Century France, but we’ve used them without modification for Russia and Venice by changing the emphasis.)

Secondarily, you’re getting Great Wolves, Trolls, Spiders, Roden, and a stack of preburned monsters on the one hand, and several cool magicky bits (Notably, Practical Magic, Spirit Binding, the Art Magic, and Corruption) on the other.

The core BWG book has got everything you need to play a medieval fantasy game. Rules for players and GMs alike. Character creation, conflict/action resolution, magic, special rules for mounted combat, etc., etc. Really, it’s very self-contained.

That said, it DOESN’T have a lot of stats for monsters in it. It has a very small selection of monster stats in the appendix, but not really enough to suffice if you want to run a monster-heavy campaign. If you want to use monsters a lot, you have two options:

  1. Buy the Monster Burner, which has stats for many more monsters. It’s a good investment anyways, as it has rules for creating your own skills, stats, races, life paths, traits, and monsters. Very useful!

  2. Just wing it. If you have a bit of experience GMing RPGs, it isn’t too hard. Just hand-waive and choose your own stats, skills, and traits for your monsters. It’s very doable, you’d just be missing out on all the work that’s been done for you in the Monster Burner is all.

The Magic Burner is cool stuff too, but absolutely non-essential. It has a great selection of alternate magic systems to choose from, and additional life paths for sorcerers. I highly recommend getting it in the future, as it really adds a lot to the game.

And don’t overlook the Adventure Burner. For a GM starting out with this system – regardless of how many years experience you have playing RPGs – the information in this book is pure gold.

Third option, come to the forums and post “Hey, has anyone burned up a Purple People Eater?” Chances are someone has, or can help you do it.

That too. There is also a selection of pre-burned monsters on the wiki, although some of them might be statted out for second edition.