Where can I find Burning Thac0?

Hey all,

I’m a long time D&Der and have recently read the BW Gold book. I’m very impressed and want to try it out with my D&D group. I’ve heard around the webernet that someone has compiled some optional rules that give BW some of the D&D feel called Burning Thac0. I’ve checked and found it on the wiki, but it says the file no longer exists for download.

Does anyone know where I can find it? Also, any other materials or posts that you think might help make the transition would be appreciated!


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Hi Humafan,

Doing a search for “burning thac0” will generate a lot of posts and discussion, but the best place to start would be with [Workshop] BW the Old School Way. I believe a lot of what ended up in the missing PDF was distilled from that thread and a few others that occurred around the same time. Feel free to post specific questions to the forum, and I am sure a lot of people will chime in with their experiences of playing Burning Wheel in that style.


What Daniel said. I don’t think there was anything in that PDF that is actually on these forums somewhere (mostly anyway).

The pdf was just a cleaned up version of all the forum discussions. But pretty much what you need to know is in Gold. Except for maybe Theldon’s Rift in the Adventure Burner which is a great example of how to old school it up. FYI If you want it it’s on the BW wiki.

Of course Torchbearer might be worth a look.


Here’s the Burning Thac0* pdf off of the wiki. If you tried to grab it between about a month ago and last Friday, it was unavailable due to reasons** It’s written for BWR but barring any specific stat blocks should be fully applicable to any edition of Burning Wheel.

I’d argue that while everything you need is in Burning Wheel Gold, there’s a lot of clarification and handling suggestions in the Burning Thac0 PDF that are only in BWG if you have the natural inclination to run a classic adventuring game and buy-in from your players to stick within that fairly narrow framework.


(*Thac0 appears to be a legal word in my spell check dictionary, I’m not sure whether to be excited or frightened).
(**Reasons being - I did some cleanup and broke stuff in the process).